Saturday, January 31, 2009

It has been a long long time

I am starting a new blog giveaway starting as soon as this blog posts! On Valentines Day I will randomly draw a winner out of a hat....What will you win, you ask?

I know a lot of people really want to be more green and try out reusable pads, but dont know if they will like them, want to splurge on them etc...

So I will give away one of my paper doll fabric with organic hemp fleece top pads

These particular pads are made from organic hemp fleece that is fairly made.
The pads that I make are unique because you get 2 inserts for the pad:
The first insert is for light days
The second one is for medium days
then if you double them up, it is perfect for the beginning of your menses!!!
They close by a little metal snap!

These pads measure approximately 8 1/2" long, and the soft hemp fleece goes toward your body, with the wings snapped around your underwear.

The pads shown are made with a layer of pul fabric which is used in reusable diapers to stop leaks, but pads can also be made without this layer. If you want your pad without the pul please make a note to me so I can do that for you!

Wait, I am confused, where do the inserts go if there is a pul layer? they are inserted between the hemp(which touches your skin) and the pul. All pads come with the inserts already in them so you can see exactly what I mean!

These reusable pads are earth friendly
These reusable pads are earth friendly and body friendly! Tampons and regular maxi pads contain dioxins, which can be VERY harmful to your body!
Check out my blog entry about tampons for more information!
Not to mention the dumps we are filling up with disposable menstrual products...think of all those applicators too!
Go green, keep the earth clean...and keep your most precious parts happy!

How do I enter?

All you have to do is check out my shop, find your favorite item, come back here and post the link to let me know! Please please please remember to put your email address or a way to get ahold of you!

Good luck!!!