Thursday, August 28, 2008

hemp pad drawing that was done

couldnt get ahold of the original winner, so i did a redraw and
this is the winner


Check back soon for another giveaway, I need internet at my house to do one properly and I am still settling at the new place.....coming soon tho!

Friday, August 1, 2008

enter now! the first of many weekly drawings!!!

Well well well, I decided to do a pad giveaway every week! So get your entries in by Wednesday August 6, 2008!
I am hoping to get as many entries this time, or even more!!!

This giveaway will be for a hemp reusable pad!
Go to my shop, and find the item you like the most, come back here and post the link (make sure you leave a way to get ahold of you if you win)

ways to get more chances to win

*Post about this giveaway in your blog
*Put one of my ads on your blog
*Purchase an item from my shop
*Purchase an item from the vegan etsy shop to benefit the animals

Once you do these please come post again in the comments and link me to what you bought or where you posted! Good luck, spread the word, and thanks again!

Winner will be drawn from a hat on August 6!!!

and julys winner is........

bum bum bum bum bummmmmmm


All of the entries were put in a chinese takeout container and then I had gramma draw our lucky winner! The next contest results will be far more exciting, I will actually have photos and make it fun. But since I am in the middle of a long draining move, it just couldnt happen like that this time

Tricia, please email me your mailing address

On another note, this giveaway was so popular and successful, that I decided to do a pad giveaway every week!! So please check out my new post and enter to win!!!! A pad a week, you are bound to win at some point!!!!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, and blogged about the giveaway!!